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Big Tings...

Big tings indeed! Unless you're involved in the music industry you probably don't think about how fans interact with the music we write. Most people only ever interact with a song. They hear it on the radio and if they like it enough, they learn the lyrics and maybe they even download an mp3. Others like it so much they buy the album and watch the videos on YouTube. Then you have the dedicated few that love the song and artist so much that they go above and beyond and buy tickets to a show.

While I love all of the people that interact with our music, this third group is where the magic happens. When an artist is able to interact with its fans, it becomes a relationship. You can't get that through any other medium including social media. There is nothing like an artist performing for the people that love their music. With that in mind, we've got some pretty amazing show announcements.

09/19 - Playground Etiquette Live @ Chapala Rock Bar: If you're new to Playground Etiquette then you are in for a big surprise. If there is one word to describe them it would be cinematic. Every song provides a mood, texture, and a visual...almost like a soundtrack to whatever you might be going through. On top of that their live show is intense. See this show at ALL COSTS!

10/17 - JOR-G Live @ The Nest: You've heard the music and you've seen the videos. Now JOR-G is bringing his brand of hip hop to Downtown Miami and you should find your way to the show because it is going to be insane. Tickets are available at

11/10 - Erica Ashley Live w/Aaron Carter: Erica has been picking up steam since the release of her first single/video. It landed her on CBS TV and performed as direct support to Travis Garland & Colby O'Donnis on the the Fashionably Late tour. Now she's back with Aaron Carter and it's going to be phenomenal.

If you've only been a casual listener in the past I hope you take the leap and get to one of these live shows. I promise that you'll hear so much more in the music. Bobs your uncle...see you at the shows!