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Oh...we'll just be over here watching all of the awesome.

I'll keep it short but sweet but there's is so much awesome it's hard to contain. My last post was all about charts but now I want to talk awards. JOR-G's video "Kennedy" was just awarded "Best Original Video" and "Best Original Song" by BEAT100. Not to mention the video is still holding as the #10 independent hip hop video in the world!

That by itself is awesome news but Erica Ashley is simply killing it. Having watched her come so far it's a proud moment to see her releasing her EP, performing with national acts, and playing amazing venues but next week she takes on the support role for Travis Garland and we couldn't be more proud!

Ck out both of these amazing artists and download their MP3's...we need you to help us make them household names!





PopRiot Artists Are Charting!

I love our artists but I still get a little nervous when we release a record/video hoping that everyone else will love it as as much as I do. October proved to be a HUGE relief because you guys have responded in a VERY big way.

The first sign of success came when Erica Ashley shot up to #2 on the ReverbNation pop chart with the release of her single "Shine". On top of that her video "Where Are We Now?" was rated the #3 indie video in the world on Beat100.

As if that wasn't enough, Jor-G reclaimed his #1 position on ReverbNation's hip hop chart after releasing the video for his new single "Kennedy". Now the video is BLOWING UP on BEAT100 and our whole team is predicting #1 (crosses fingers). Make sure you Check out the "Kennedy" video and download the track!

Keep up with these two because there are big things coming their way!