10 months. That's right. If you were following along you'd know that it's been 10 months since our last update. Let me assure you that it wasn't for lack of things to talk about. In fact, I think our silence has been due to the incredible amount of work we've done in that time. No big deal but here is a short list of things we haven't mentioned:

  • Erica Ashley's video for "Vertigo" launches to great success.
  • Forever 21 endorses Erica and her single "Me Against the World" is still playing in stores nationwide.
  • Erica was featured in the fashion magazine Naluda.
  • She also performed with Disney's Hollywood Ending and had other incredible bookings with X-Factors Kingsland Road and Aaron Carter.
  • PopRiot was awarded its first-ever film placement for the song "Unbreakable". The film stars Luisana Lupilato and features PopRiot artists Athena Hiotis and Erica Ashley.
  • Erica Ashley was invited to the X-Factor for private auditions TWICE!
  • Erica also co-wrote and released a brand new single called "Pretender" and it was played on the BBC and featured on Woman of Substance Radio.
  • RÊVE shot, edited, and released a music video for Agency & Accountability.
  • RÊVE toured Canada and appeared on Canadian radio.
  • Well known actor Steve Agee flew in to shoot principle photography for RÊVE's new "Maid of Heaven" video/short.
  • Electronic artist IKM released his first full length album, "Organica", and It was the #3 selling electronic pop album on Beatport.
  • IKM teamed up with Athena Hiotis and released the single "Gillian" which was featured by EW Magazine and is playing on FM radio in Canada, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Berlin, and more.

Whew...that only scratches the surface but it brings us up to date. I'll be posting another entry this week to talk about the present instead of the past. Look for info on the premiere of RÊVE's "Maid in Heaven" and IKM's new EP "Andra". That's it for now...cheers!