Two months ago we embarked on a relationship with NBC Casting and it’s been incredible getting to know the casting team, the producers, and the studio personnel. We committed Erica Ashley to interviews and private auditions for the first show and unfortunately it all came to an end tonight. I’m proud to say that Erica was the very first artist invited to the NYC private auditions and she performed flawlessly on stage and on camera. The producers asked her to return next season so it’s a win no matter what. We’re hoping you’ll get to see some of her performance when the season starts but if not, know that it was an incredible experience for all of us. We couldn’t be more proud of the hard work that Erica and our team has done to get here.

Erica Ashley in NYC at MSR Studios during private auditions and taping for The Voice!

Ian and Athena from PopRiot with Erica Ashley in NYC!