I know you're thinking that this post is probably about some terrible R&B cover band called King Kong & the Remix that closes their shows with This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan. While that would be AMAZING if they existed, you've got it all wrong. This post is 100% about the monster that is PopRiot artist JOR-G.

JOR-G is the king of hustle and when he's not working with PopRiot, he's out there working his game and dropping tracks like a freak. He just released two in the last couple of weeks and "Hot Boy" is maybe the best remix on the planet right now. Download it FREE right now!

After that it's all about JOR-G's next official PopRiot release, "Training Day". This isn't like anything we've done before. We're dipping into old school, early 90s rap - Tupac, Ice Cube, Biggie, Dre, and Eminem. No club beats. No pop hooks. This s##t gets real. "Training Day" is set for release on 10.05 and King Kong and Alonzo got nothing on JOR-G. Fun fact: 10.05 is also the 14 year anniversary of the movie's premiere...an absolute Denzel classic. Get ready!


With all that behind us DO NOT FORGET that JOR-G is going to wrap all of this up when he takes Miami by storm LIVE @ THE NEST. If you're in the area make sure you're there and screaming the entire night! Tickest on sale at www.jorgmuzik.com/tickets. See you there!