The answer is PopRiot Music Group...and what a week it was.

After you launch a video/single you usually have some time to breath. The excitement and pace drop off and it turns into watching sales stats, ad placements, blah, blah, blah. That didn't happen this time. Following the launch of the most ambitious video in PopRiot history, Erica Ashely's brand new single "Supernova" was released just one week later. Breathing had to wait.

The song is the title track from her sophomore release and it may very well be the best song in the PopRiot catalog. It marks the continued development of Erica as an artist and the evolution of the sound of her music. This record has put aside the dance pop sound of Hearts Collide and focuses more on organic instrumentation and her incredible voice and range.

"Supernova" was released as a lyric video and the response has been amazing. Wordkrapht Magazine featured the song in it's Daily Krapht column and gave it two thumbs up. Then tour mate Aaron Carter tweeted about the song and his fans jumped all over it. So's been an intense, amazing week but we are definitely having the best week ever. the gauge like Ellen Page!