It's been almost 90 days since our last post and It only feels like it was just last week. To say we've been busy is the understatement of the year because the amount of work we've done over the last three months is nothing shy of colossal. Given that we're coming up on the holidays, I'm going to wrap up the last three months with a nice little bow and wish you and early Merry Xmas or whatever it is that you celebrate.

Let's start with JOR-G...

The simple fact is that over the last year JOR-G has been killing it. Not only did JOR-G record two of our biggest singles of the year, he also had the most ambitious video that we've ever created. On top of that he also put out half a dozen singles and remixes of his own and worked his way back to #1 in the ReverbNation Hip Hop Chart.

The big news back in October was the release of JOR-G's single "Training Day". This song is one of my favorites and was inpsired by 90s OG rappers like Ice Cube, Biggie, and Pac. If you listen to the end of the track, we even pay homage to 90s alt rock. If you're a fan of Faith No More, you'll get it right away. Whatever you're doing right now, you should stop and listen to this track because it is AMAZING!

JOR-G also returned to the stage in October and it was out of control. He played the world famous Tobacco Road in downtown Miami. JOR-G was one of the last entertainers to perform at the venue so he was literally making history. New shows and new music coming soon so follow @jorgmuzik on Facebook, Twitter and everyplace else.

Playground Etiquette Has A New Everything!

Next up is the band formerly known as Playground Etiquette. After many years the band's style started to diverge from the original PE sound. It was more visual, conceptual, and generally more artistic. They decided that it was time for a rebirth - new music, a new name, and a new mission.

Enter RÊVE (or "dream"). The band took time out to think about who they were, where they are, and where they want to go. They have crossed the threshold of the unknown and they want us all to join them on their voyage. Make sure to follow them on their new Facebook page @officialreveband and on Twitter @ReveMusicUS.

RÊVE moved quickly to rebrand their look and product and are working on not one but TWO new videos. The first of which is called "Agency & Accountability" and is set for release the first week of 2015.

The second video, "Maid of Heaven", is more of a mini-movie than a video and is the most ambitious thing the band has ever done. If you have an interest in investing in the project or have an interest in promoting true art, you should visit their IndieGogo page and consider donating to the cause.

This ends Part 1 of my 2014 wrap up and you really don't want to miss the next one...things are getting crazy!