Over the holiday we had some time to reflect on the last year and 2013 was truly amazing. Now we're heading into a new year and new territory....literally. Three months ago we signed our first UK artist. His name is Jamie YoungBlood Hardman and his new song "Immortal" is an absolute smash. It's kind of a rags to better rags story or perhaps tired but victorious. Either way you'll get it when you hear it. It's big...VERY big and we hope you love it as much as we do. Check it out NOW, download it on iTunes, and please share it with everyone you know!

It wouldn't be a PopRiot blog entry if that's all we had to tell you...we can be a little "yay us" sometimes but this is worth it. Last weekend we began the first of several shoots for JOR-G's "Frequency" video. If you haven't heard the song you're missing out and you should get on that ASAP.

This video marks our latest production and crew for any video we've ever done and the dailys of this thing look spectacular. Look for it in May because it is a game changer. That's it for now. Bobs your uncle...