I plan everything so my weeks have a mind-numbing rhythm. Wake up, read email, post a bunch of garbage on Facebook/Twitter, write music, and then repeat. I know...the glamour of it all right? THEN there are weeks like this one that start the same but blow up into a frenzy of insane happiness and joy.

The first thing I want to announce is that we now have TWO #1 artists. JOR-G has been holding down his position as #1 Hip Hop artist for months. He's pretty much the King of Miami at this point. Ok...that's a bit much. Lebron probably owns that crown but JOR-G would definitely be his right hand man. Joking aside, PopRiot is now home to another #1 artist - Erica Ashely! She's been a strong contender on the Pop Chart for months, bouncing up and down in the Top 10 but she finally did it. It's fitting that they're both #1 since they are collaborating on a new single called "Frequency" to be released near Christmas.


As you can tell the week went from meh to awesome and we were all riding the high. Then awesome took a turn for out of control surprise, mayhem, and amazement. You've heard of that little boy band from England right? They're called One may have seen pictures. While they were broadcasting their global 1DDay show, Harry Styles - OUT OF THE BLUE - gave a shout out to Erica Ashley on television! WHAT? No way! Yes...WAY! He and the band THEN followed her on Twitter and hundreds of their fans followed suit. It's been a flurry of activity ever since.

So...who's having the BEST WEEK EVER? We are!