10 months. That's right. If you were following along you'd know that it's been 10 months since our last update. Let me assure you that it wasn't for lack of things to talk about. In fact, I think our silence has been due to the incredible amount of work we've done in that time. No big deal but here is a short list of things we haven't mentioned:

  • Erica Ashley's video for "Vertigo" launches to great success.
  • Forever 21 endorses Erica and her single "Me Against the World" is still playing in stores nationwide.
  • Erica was featured in the fashion magazine Naluda.
  • She also performed with Disney's Hollywood Ending and had other incredible bookings with X-Factors Kingsland Road and Aaron Carter.
  • PopRiot was awarded its first-ever film placement for the song "Unbreakable". The film stars Luisana Lupilato and features PopRiot artists Athena Hiotis and Erica Ashley.
  • Erica Ashley was invited to the X-Factor for private auditions TWICE!
  • Erica also co-wrote and released a brand new single called "Pretender" and it was played on the BBC and featured on Woman of Substance Radio.
  • RÊVE shot, edited, and released a music video for Agency & Accountability.
  • RÊVE toured Canada and appeared on Canadian radio.
  • Well known actor Steve Agee flew in to shoot principle photography for RÊVE's new "Maid of Heaven" video/short.
  • Electronic artist IKM released his first full length album, "Organica", and It was the #3 selling electronic pop album on Beatport.
  • IKM teamed up with Athena Hiotis and released the single "Gillian" which was featured by EW Magazine and is playing on FM radio in Canada, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Berlin, and more.

Whew...that only scratches the surface but it brings us up to date. I'll be posting another entry this week to talk about the present instead of the past. Look for info on the premiere of RÊVE's "Maid in Heaven" and IKM's new EP "Andra". That's it for now...cheers!



Buzz From Baltimore to Miami...

There is always a buzz happening over here but over the last couple of months, the buzz has started to sound more like a table saw.

We've been talking about the new Reve video for a while and we'll be talking about it for a few more months. The project is in full production mode and we are finalizing locations, wardrobe, props, and final casting as I type this. If you've read earlier posts, the expectations are even higher. This video is going to be truly epic.

Erica Ashley has also had a ton of awesome things going on. Not only is she being played in Forever 21 stores everywhere, we are about to release her 3rd video for her single "Vertigo". So far the footage is incredible and is one of our best productions to date. Look for it to premiere in April and for some cool news that we can't announce yet!

Fresh off live performances with Juicy J and Curren$y, JOR-G is gearing up for the tour of the Summer. He's back on the road in his hometown and more and will even be joining forces with Trick Daddy along the way. Look for him on the road in your city soon!



Hollywood, Miami, and Forever 21

Athena w/Steve Agee in Hollywood, CA

After announcing that we had signed Steve Agee (New Girl, Two Broke Girls, Super) to star in the new RÊVE video, we hopped on a plane to the West Coast and spent a week in meetings and doing West Coast things. Since then, the script was finalized and the shoots have been scheduled. This video is going to incredible. Do yourself a favor and go to the RÊVE Facebook page RIGHT NOW and give them a like:

PopRiot artist JOR-G also had an amazing February. Not only did he drop two remixes and a new track, he was also asked to join Juicy J and Curren$y onstage in Miami at the Rolling Loud Festival. He has some insane video from the show on his Facebook and ReverbNation pages but to see it go directly to his website:

The biggest news of the week comes from Erica Ashley. Erica has been killing it. She has a TON of shows booked with Aaron Carter, Kingsland Road, DC Roller Girls, and Alex Caruso); her video for VERTIGO shoots in two weeks with a release date in April; and now the biggest news of the month - Erica Ashley's "Me Against the World" is NOW PLAYING in FOREVER 21 stores EVERYWHERE! That's right...FOREVER 21. happy and so proud! Go to her Facebook page NOW, give her a like, and follow along as we all watch her success!

Bobs your uncle!



steve agee to star in next popriot production

Six months ago we dropped JOR-G's video for "Frequency" featuring Erica Ashley. It was the most ambitious video we'd ever released but we wanted to do even more. After a few discussions we decided we wanted to make a truly epic video/mini-film for Rêve's "Maid of Heaven". There were a few starts and stops with planning but about 3 months ago we found ourselves on the fast track to scheduling, funding, and casting this amazing project.

While other announcements will follow, today we are proud to announce that PopRiot has signed Steve Agee to co-star in Rêve's video for "Maid of Heaven". Steve is one of our favorite actors and his TV and film credits include Community, New Girl, You’re the Worst, Adventure Time, 2 Broke Girls, Bobs Burgers, Super, Yacht Rock, and The Sarah Silverman Program. He has worked with Kristin Bell, Zooey Deschanel, Ellen Page, Jaime Pressly, Kat Dennings, Elisha Cuthbert, Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, and now he’s working with PopRiot on this amazing new project.

I can't tell you how excited we are about this. Look for more news about the video from PopRiot and Rêve in the coming months!



NYC and The Voice!

Two months ago we embarked on a relationship with NBC Casting and it’s been incredible getting to know the casting team, the producers, and the studio personnel. We committed Erica Ashley to interviews and private auditions for the first show and unfortunately it all came to an end tonight. I’m proud to say that Erica was the very first artist invited to the NYC private auditions and she performed flawlessly on stage and on camera. The producers asked her to return next season so it’s a win no matter what. We’re hoping you’ll get to see some of her performance when the season starts but if not, know that it was an incredible experience for all of us. We couldn’t be more proud of the hard work that Erica and our team has done to get here.

Erica Ashley in NYC at MSR Studios during private auditions and taping for The Voice!

Ian and Athena from PopRiot with Erica Ashley in NYC!



2014 End of Year Wrap-Up (Part 1)

It's been almost 90 days since our last post and It only feels like it was just last week. To say we've been busy is the understatement of the year because the amount of work we've done over the last three months is nothing shy of colossal. Given that we're coming up on the holidays, I'm going to wrap up the last three months with a nice little bow and wish you and early Merry Xmas or whatever it is that you celebrate.

Let's start with JOR-G...

The simple fact is that over the last year JOR-G has been killing it. Not only did JOR-G record two of our biggest singles of the year, he also had the most ambitious video that we've ever created. On top of that he also put out half a dozen singles and remixes of his own and worked his way back to #1 in the ReverbNation Hip Hop Chart.

The big news back in October was the release of JOR-G's single "Training Day". This song is one of my favorites and was inpsired by 90s OG rappers like Ice Cube, Biggie, and Pac. If you listen to the end of the track, we even pay homage to 90s alt rock. If you're a fan of Faith No More, you'll get it right away. Whatever you're doing right now, you should stop and listen to this track because it is AMAZING!

JOR-G also returned to the stage in October and it was out of control. He played the world famous Tobacco Road in downtown Miami. JOR-G was one of the last entertainers to perform at the venue so he was literally making history. New shows and new music coming soon so follow @jorgmuzik on Facebook, Twitter and everyplace else.

Playground Etiquette Has A New Everything!

Next up is the band formerly known as Playground Etiquette. After many years the band's style started to diverge from the original PE sound. It was more visual, conceptual, and generally more artistic. They decided that it was time for a rebirth - new music, a new name, and a new mission.

Enter RÊVE (or "dream"). The band took time out to think about who they were, where they are, and where they want to go. They have crossed the threshold of the unknown and they want us all to join them on their voyage. Make sure to follow them on their new Facebook page @officialreveband and on Twitter @ReveMusicUS.

RÊVE moved quickly to rebrand their look and product and are working on not one but TWO new videos. The first of which is called "Agency & Accountability" and is set for release the first week of 2015.

The second video, "Maid of Heaven", is more of a mini-movie than a video and is the most ambitious thing the band has ever done. If you have an interest in investing in the project or have an interest in promoting true art, you should visit their IndieGogo page and consider donating to the cause.

This ends Part 1 of my 2014 wrap up and you really don't want to miss the next one...things are getting crazy!



King Kong and The Remix...

I know you're thinking that this post is probably about some terrible R&B cover band called King Kong & the Remix that closes their shows with This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan. While that would be AMAZING if they existed, you've got it all wrong. This post is 100% about the monster that is PopRiot artist JOR-G.

JOR-G is the king of hustle and when he's not working with PopRiot, he's out there working his game and dropping tracks like a freak. He just released two in the last couple of weeks and "Hot Boy" is maybe the best remix on the planet right now. Download it FREE right now!

After that it's all about JOR-G's next official PopRiot release, "Training Day". This isn't like anything we've done before. We're dipping into old school, early 90s rap - Tupac, Ice Cube, Biggie, Dre, and Eminem. No club beats. No pop hooks. This s##t gets real. "Training Day" is set for release on 10.05 and King Kong and Alonzo got nothing on JOR-G. Fun fact: 10.05 is also the 14 year anniversary of the movie's absolute Denzel classic. Get ready!


With all that behind us DO NOT FORGET that JOR-G is going to wrap all of this up when he takes Miami by storm LIVE @ THE NEST. If you're in the area make sure you're there and screaming the entire night! Tickest on sale at See you there!



A Quick Visit to Charm City

The entire PopRiot team could have been seen beboppin and scattin all over Baltimore last week. PopRiot artist Erica Ashley also made the trek to Charm City all the way from Richmond, VA for a photo shoot with fashion photographer Jim Wrigley. It was an amazing shoot and here's a peek at Erica's new look.

Don't forget that her new, self-titled EP is set for release on 10/16/14. Until then you can ck out the lyric video for her single "Supernova" at

After all the writing sessions and photo shoots we had some downtime with beers and barbecue. Hope your Labor Day was as good as ours. Cheers!



Big Tings...

Big tings indeed! Unless you're involved in the music industry you probably don't think about how fans interact with the music we write. Most people only ever interact with a song. They hear it on the radio and if they like it enough, they learn the lyrics and maybe they even download an mp3. Others like it so much they buy the album and watch the videos on YouTube. Then you have the dedicated few that love the song and artist so much that they go above and beyond and buy tickets to a show.

While I love all of the people that interact with our music, this third group is where the magic happens. When an artist is able to interact with its fans, it becomes a relationship. You can't get that through any other medium including social media. There is nothing like an artist performing for the people that love their music. With that in mind, we've got some pretty amazing show announcements.

09/19 - Playground Etiquette Live @ Chapala Rock Bar: If you're new to Playground Etiquette then you are in for a big surprise. If there is one word to describe them it would be cinematic. Every song provides a mood, texture, and a visual...almost like a soundtrack to whatever you might be going through. On top of that their live show is intense. See this show at ALL COSTS!

10/17 - JOR-G Live @ The Nest: You've heard the music and you've seen the videos. Now JOR-G is bringing his brand of hip hop to Downtown Miami and you should find your way to the show because it is going to be insane. Tickets are available at

11/10 - Erica Ashley Live w/Aaron Carter: Erica has been picking up steam since the release of her first single/video. It landed her on CBS TV and performed as direct support to Travis Garland & Colby O'Donnis on the the Fashionably Late tour. Now she's back with Aaron Carter and it's going to be phenomenal.

If you've only been a casual listener in the past I hope you take the leap and get to one of these live shows. I promise that you'll hear so much more in the music. Bobs your uncle...see you at the shows!




Who's Having the Best Week Ever?

The answer is PopRiot Music Group...and what a week it was.

After you launch a video/single you usually have some time to breath. The excitement and pace drop off and it turns into watching sales stats, ad placements, blah, blah, blah. That didn't happen this time. Following the launch of the most ambitious video in PopRiot history, Erica Ashely's brand new single "Supernova" was released just one week later. Breathing had to wait.

The song is the title track from her sophomore release and it may very well be the best song in the PopRiot catalog. It marks the continued development of Erica as an artist and the evolution of the sound of her music. This record has put aside the dance pop sound of Hearts Collide and focuses more on organic instrumentation and her incredible voice and range.

"Supernova" was released as a lyric video and the response has been amazing. Wordkrapht Magazine featured the song in it's Daily Krapht column and gave it two thumbs up. Then tour mate Aaron Carter tweeted about the song and his fans jumped all over it. So's been an intense, amazing week but we are definitely having the best week ever. the gauge like Ellen Page!



It's Been A Minute

Wow...the last few months seem like a giant blur and we have a lot of catching up to do.

You might remember back in January we began principle photography for Jor-G's song "Frequency" featuring Erica Ashley. It was a massive undertaking - tons of effects, five different locations, eight different cast members, and weather that was excruciating to film in. Well today we released that video and it is spectacular. Congratulations to everyone that had a hand in it. Our team went ALL OUT on this one and we hope you love it as much as we do.

We have also been slaving over Erica's new EP "Supernova". It's VERY different than her last record and we are absolutely in LOVE with the songs. She'll be in the booth this weekend wrapping up the single that will be released August 14. Make sure you check back to listen and download!

We have another piece of phenomenal news about Playground Etiquette...but we have to keep it a secret for just a little while longer. Trust me...this is big!

Until next time...Bob's your uncle!



The Riot Act, The Look, and Tim George


Wow...just realized it's been weeks since my last post. It's not like me to leave so much good news hanging out there. So we did this little show on January 18th and it was amazing. It was the very first of the Riot Act Concert Series and it sold out in a little over an hour. Unfortunately dozens were turned away but we hope to see them again at the next show.

The night began with actress & comedian Manon Mathews who also served as host for the night. Not only was she hilarious, she was also a trooper since she flew in from Los Angeles and had to adjust to zero degree East Coast temperatures. The rest of the night was filled with great music, great beer, and a KILLER set by Playground Etiquette. The night marked the release of their new CD "La Marionnette" and the crowd stayed until the VERY LAST NOTE. We had high hopes for the Riot Act series but the success of this event was overwhelming. Can't wait to do it again!

In other news is that we're working with two new artists that you'll learn a LOT about in the coming months - Tim George and The Look. We'll be doing singles with both of them and can't wait for you to hear the songs! Until next time. Cheers!

timothy FB.png